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I draw for a hobby, or when I'm bored in class. I also write stories from ideas I randomly form.
She was born in a Steampunk family, she grew up mostly alone until about 2nd grade. She moved to a new school and met Wulf, they became best friends for a lifetime. [Spoilers] When Wulf and his Gearmaster's walker plans got out by being stolen from bandits, she received her injury. She was going to return a piece Wulf forgot when she found him unconscious, being the good friend she was, she brought him to her shop and warehouse to help. Before they could make an escape she was stabbed in the chest by a bandit. She grew so use to the bandage that she no longer minds it, and welcomes it.
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-Moved to her Reference Sheets-
Demetrius, a Webwalker, was planning to destroy a village the next day to feed his family. Humans didn't supply much energy but he heard that one of the best and longest lasting sources of power and energy was there, not to mention one of the last, a vampire. The next night he crawled out of his cave and arrived at the village only to find it burning to the ground. He saw the young vampire running to a nearby woods and swore under his breath. He then decided to return home first, only to find his parents turned to dust from age and lack of nutrients. Grabbing a spellbook he set out after the vampire, to not suffer the same horrible fate.
Omura Ichihara
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Her father was a demon, a snake if you haven't guess, while her mother was human. They birthed her as an egg and she didn't hatch until the day of Valentine's day. The day before February 14 her mother blessed her with a healing spell since she had to leave, and ended up dying in cold blood on her journey. When Roslyn hatched she found herself all alone, with no one around. As she grew older she grew bigger and also noticed her ability to make roses appear out of no where. She grew up alone unable to speak and set out on her journey. When she arrived in a small town she was very curious and wandered in, all of the inhabitants ran off terrified of the creature they have rarely seen. However one cleric noticed her and how scared and innocent she looked, she walked over and asked whats wrong and where she is from. After Rhoslyn didn't respond she nodded her head and figured out she hadn't learned anything yet. After the cleric told the villagers it was safe she brought her inside and taught her everything she needed to know, but was shy every since. Later in her learning the cleric taught her how to use her roses to heal others.
A witch that has taken the form of a succubus demon, making her a very dangerous threat. Wulf and the Gang meet her when they kill the king that had sent Omura to destroy them. She acted as a kind girl and married the king, taking control of his body and mind with her unmistakably powerful dark magic. This isn't the only encounter the gang meets as they go...she rips a dimensional wormhole into the world releasing the nether upon Minecraftia. After seeing these and nearly being destroyed by a GHASTly armada, they decide she needs to die...but it won't be easy, even more so when she turns the girls against Wulf to kill him before he destroys her. Herobrine was only the beginning, the real challenge awaits the gang with Lillith.
Hati and Mimo
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You have my number xD Text me
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